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The mind is like the wind and the body like the sand; if you want to know how the wind is blowing,
you can look at the sand. ~Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


Hi, I'm Kaili!I am a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner (BCST) with a trauma and relational somatic therapy approach. I teach somatic yoga & embodied movement, and facilitate Open Floor Therapeutic Dance practice.I am passionate about all forms of holistic health, somatic therapy, nervous system healing and the creative healing arts.I have been working in the health and wellness industry for the past twenty years, and have come to recognize and integrate what I believe to be essential ingredients for living a healthy, balanced life. From my work and studies in nutrition and supplements, to body-based psychotherapy and embodiment practices, the expressive arts, natural medicine and Craniosacral Therapy, I am a passionate advocate for holistic wellness.I am a water loving creature and spend as much time as possible in or beside the ocean. I find peace and healing in a myriad of ways by relating to living, fluid, bodies of water, and being in conversation with the natural world. Being present and connecting with nature seems to resonate a quality of inherent wholeness and interconnectedness back to us. It is my experience that receiving Craniosacral Therapy has the same affect.To check out my work in embodied movement, nature-based practices, and to try free sessions, please visit:

"I had amazing results from my Craino Sacral session with Kaili. I was suffering from neck pain for several months. After a session with Kaili, who I found to be very calming and peaceful as well as sensitive, I experienced much more mobility in my neck’s range of motion with no pain. I am so grateful and pleased. I would highly recommend a session with her." ~ Kate Dixon, Nurse Practitioner


Transforming Touch Therapy Practitioner. Touch work for chronic stress and developmental trauma, work of Stephen Tyrell 2020Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Body Intelligence Institute 2018Certified Open Floor Therapeutic Dance Facilitator Open Floor International 2016Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance (Simon Fraser University) 2013Homeopathic Medicine (2 years of study at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy) 2005Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor for 15 years 2005PLUSfacilitation of many somatic yoga/ therapeutic dance workshops in British Columbia; including sessions in Vancouver, Squamish, at the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center in Paradise Valley, and at the Hollyhock Leadership Center on Cortes Island.

I discovered the profound healing benefits of Craniosacral Therpy on my own nervous system healing journey after a period of emotional burnout, loss and grief. I experienced the symptoms of chronic pain (fibromyalgia), stress and mental/emotional health challenges that accompany those difficult symptoms. Craniosacral was key in my healing process and the de-sensitization of my nervous system -where these issues stem from. My wish is for everyone to experience a balanced/regulated nervous system, to touch in with that deep felt sense of rest, safety, relaxation, peace, and general feeling of well-being that this practice offers. Along with an increased capacity towards better health and resiliency, to be able to face struggles without overwhelm and embrace the beauty of life.I place a strong importance on creating a safe, kind, and compassionate container for our work together. I am drawn to this work through witnessing powerful transformation in both myself and others and have the utmost trust and respect in the human spirit’s ability to heal and move towards possibility and growth.

"Peace is this moment without judgment. That is all. This moment in the Heart-space where everything that is, is welcome. Peace is this moment without thinking that it should be some other way, that you should feel some other thing, that your life should unfold according to your plans." ~Dorothy Hunt



Craniosacral therapy supports regulation of the autonomic nervous system, which underlies every aspect of our physical, emotional, and psychological functioning.

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and how does it work?Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy (BCST) is a gentle form of bodywork that utilizes the inherent self-corrective mechanisms of the central nervous system and the underlying forces of the body as a therapeutic tool for healing. The client remains fully clothed and the touch is light and still. The therapist uses gentle, precise touch to aid the body in releasing restrictions and tension patterns; and redistributing its internal resources to resolve a variety of conditions. By orienting to the slower craniosacral rhythms, which are responsible for promoting maintenance, healing and regeneration, the craniosacral therapist encourages the body to restore balance and health.We, as human beings are seen to be an expression of the wholeness of life itself, and are not separate from the vast forces at work throughout the universe. In this concept, an essence called the Breath of Life is perceived to generate a subtle tide-like organizing principle called Primary Respiration. This manifests within the body as subtle rhythmic motions.At least three of these subtle rhythms have been identified, each of which has its own rates and functions. These are called the cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI), the mid-tide and the long-tide. It is the slower craniosacral rhythms that are responsible for carrying an ordering matrix into the body, promoting maintenance, healing and regeneration, and fundamentally orchestrating the body to restore balance and health.The body contains a profound wisdom that knows exactly how to heal, given the right conditions. Craniosacral Therapists learn how to trust and create space for this intelligence to manifest, supporting the conditions for deep healing. The practitioners’ development of a perceptual relationship to these underlying forces of health is key in the treatment of clients. By orienting to and sensing the rhythms of the body and the deeper stillness within, Craniosacral Therapists can identify the body’s own priorities of treatment and support your extensive healing capacities. (sourced from Michael Kern and Ryan Halford)What are the benefits?In Craniosacral therapy patterns of tension are supported to release throughout the entire body which helps to resolve chronic pain, heal past physical and emotional trauma, strengthen the body’s natural healing processes, and bolster resistance to disease while improving overall health.With each session, tension patterns and constriction continue to unravel and release, resulting in steady improvements in body and brain function. As a result you should experience less pain/dysfunction, feel emotionally re-balanced, and more like yourself. It truly is amazing to realize that releasing old trauma can make you feel so much better inside and out.Unresolved stressful or traumatic experiences may be held in the body and restrict our natural capacity to heal. BCST provides a non-invasive and effective way to resolve these patterns of conditioning and allow normal function to return.What to expect durring a treatment:Experiences during a craniosacral session are as individual as we are ourselves! During the session, you may relax so deeply that you fall asleep, enjoy a pleasant sense of ease, safety, warmth, softening, buzzing, tingling, floating or you may experience tension or held survival stress releasing through twitches, or have memories or insights. You may also experience a deep sense of integration of your body, mind and spirit leaving you feeling more present and whole. Sometimes you may feel that what is happening during the session is quite subtle but then notice over the next few days that your system has integrated further and symptoms may have eased.Just as your session can vary from another individual's session greatly, the immediate results from person to person can be just as diverse. This relaxed state may cause some people to sleep for many hours after a session, while others may experience a big increase in energy.It is important to note that while a single session can have noticeable effects, more commonly it takes multiple sessions to achieve the results you are seeking.

"I loved, loved, loved my session with Kaili. I have told so many people about it since. But specifically regarding myself, I have slept ever since seeing her! I am so grateful for what she did. My session helped tremendously." Paula Purcell ~Registered Clinical Counsellor

Craniosacral therapy strengthens your body's ability to take better care of you. It helps alleviate a range of illnesses, pain and dysfunctions, including:Central Nervous System disorders
Sensitized Nervous System
Chronic Stress and Tension
Trauma, PTSD
Fatigue/ Chronic Fatigue
Adrenal Fatigue and burnout Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Empath overload
Acute and Chronic Pain Conditions
Autoimmune disease/ Immune System Disorders
Digestive Issues
TMJ issues (jaw tightness, pain)
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
Sensory Integration Issues
Addiction Issues
Pregnancy (pre and post natal)

When the body starts to feel like a burden it is usually a good indication there is holding of unprocessed or suppressed emotions, stress or trauma and reaching out for support can be instrumental in the healing process. We are not meant to do this alone!Kaili's practice incorporates Transforming Touch therapy and Craniosacral Therapy, both which help by supporting the systems and organs in the body that are most affected by trauma and stress. Both therapies support emotional regulation and bringing the nervous system out of the sympathetic fight-flight or freeze response, into a healthy parasympathetic state, that is imperative to healing. Each session improves the body and nervous systems ability to function by allowing it to destress and relax significantly so that you can feel better and move through your day with more ease and resilience.Transforming Touch Therapy or TEB (transforming the experienced based brain) the work of Stephen Tyrell, is a Somatic, attachment-based therapy for healing early/developmental trauma and related chronic stress and chronic health issues that arise as we age. This therapy also works with the integraion of Primitive Reflexes. If you are interested to learn more please inquire.


"Settle into the here and now.
Reach down into the center where the world is not spinning and drink this holy peace. Feel relief flood into every cell. Nothing to do. Nothing to be but what you already are..."
~Dana Faulds



"Kaili is a skilled, empathic, and compassionate practitioner. In addition to her many years of training in different somatic therapies and practices, she embodies a kind, gentle, and deeply intuitive presence that immediately puts her clients at ease and helps them deepen into the body's natural healing process. Highly recommended!" ~Sobhanā Dilani Hippola

SESSIONS ARE OFFERED AT MY CRANIOSACRAL STUDIO CLOSE TO PIERCY & CONDENSORY RD, FIVE MINS OUTSIDE OF DOWNTOWN COURTENAY.If you can't find the time you're looking for please contact me by emailing or call 604-892-4507,
and I will most likely be able to accommodate you.
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.Adult Craniosacral –Initial appt $110 for 75min session. Follow-up visits, 60min $95
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3 session Package for $250
4 session Package for $320
Teens between 13-18 years – $60 per session
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"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well."~ Hippocrates



Nothing in the world is as soft and yielding as water. Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it.The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid. Everyone knows this is true, but few can put it into practice.Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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